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These will be run by the International Charitable Organisation. They will be set up in every country in the world. They will employ people to manage them. There should be two or three people. They should be kept in good hygen, There should be qualified carers. The old people should be taken out of bed sometimes to walk about or seat around as they wish. They should have good balanced meals, of cabohydrate, that is, starch, like potatoes or rice. Protein, that is meat or fish, and sea food, and vitamins, that is vegetables, especially green vegetable, like the green, green grass of home! There you are. You already have a cheap balanced meal to eat. Cows for meat, potatoes for starch, and four ladies, one with her husband will mass produce vegetables. What more can you ask!


Cheap nursary schools will be set up, run by the Charitable Organisation. They will employ people to manage them. This is to help parents who want to work, but have nowhere to leave their children, and who can not afford expensive nursary school fees. This applies to every country in the world**NB: Five ladies produced a report. They wanted to distribute cheap pre-cooked meals to nursary schools. One will be a Manager, and assistant Manager, and two to work, and one to work as distributor. Going around to promote their meals offer, to nursary schools. All over the country. See how people captured the vision and have understood it. In the vision, as mentioned before.

* For the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister said, his very words were, "There will be free nusary schools for two year olds, and he will put foward 5,000,000 funds to go towards that." They were planning to do that anyway, but someone had to come along to give them a good head start. The Charitable Organisation will work along side that project. He also pledged funds for another project, which will be mentioned later. I asked him if he was sure he knew what he was saying. I warned him he was in a vision. It is likely he might forget what he said. He waved his hands in the air and said, "Yes, yes" He will be reminded in reality if he forgets!!

***NB: Presidents and Prime Ministers, and Government officials of some countries turned up. Most celebraties and broadcasters and news reporters, even kings and Queens, turned up in the vision. Some of them at the last minute. It was like "last minute dot com!"

**NB: There will be a project to run Christan run schools by the Charitable Organisation. Both Primary and secondary schools, to a high standard teaching levelYouth Hostels.

**NB: These will be set up for young people, who might be sleeping rough on the streets, or might fall on hard times. There will be training facilities for skills. At the end of that, they will be helped to find jobs. There will be similar hostels for older people who might be in the same situation. People to manage the hostels will be employed, by the Charitable Organisation.Cheap Refugee Hostels

**NB: These will be set up for people, who are sleeping rough and no proper food to eat. They will be helped to fill in forms, while waiting to leave or stay in the country. There will be English teaching facilities for those who can not speak English. There will be training facilities for skills, for those who might want take up jobs, either within the Charitable Organisation or elsewhere. There will be a group of people will be employed to manage these hostels. Cheap Youth Hostels

**NB: These will be set up for young people travelling. There will be no age restriction. The older people, who can not afford hotel accommodation, can stay there. The Charitable Organisation will employ a group of people to manage them.

**NB: In all these hostels. Cheap food will be saved. Three meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. There will be jobs for those who want to work as canteen staff. Like the dinner ladies and chefs! All these hostels will be set up in every country around the world. In each city. They will be run by the International Christian Charitable Organisation.


**NB: Hotel projects will be set up, to either be run by the Charitable Organisation, and employ Christians or non Christians upon merit to manage them. Or for Christains to run hotels for Christians. Also none Christians to run the hotels, cheaply as a business, for people who can not afford expensive hotel accommodation.


NB: Orphanage Homes Project : will be set up. It will be run by the Charitable Organisation. They will employ people who will manage them. This applies to all countries in the world. Reports can be sent in from people who, need such facilities in their countries.


**NB: Some propperties will be refurbished to set up cheap basic accommodation consisting of 1, 2, and 3 bedroomed flats. Of mixed type.

**NB: There will be similar cheap accommodation of simple basic houses, of 1, 2 and 3 bedroomed terraced look houses. Of mixed type.

**NB:There will be similar accommodation for one and two bedroomed posh but cheap apartments. For those who can afford a slightly upper class living facilities.All these will be run by the Charitable Organisation in every country in the world. Someone will be glad that, they will have a roof over their heads. A nice little or large basic flat to come home to, after a hard day's work. Furnish that nice flat or basic house. And make it look comfortable. Rent will vary according what type of these outlined accommodation, one will want to occupy, at the price one can afford. Some people could live there for years by the sound of it.

***NB: Two young ladies came in a vision. They were enquiring about cheap rented accommodation. Well, they will get one.


UPDATE:  A PROPOSAL WAS PUT FOWARD for Church Ministers State Run all other Denominations. It was picked up by the adopted Greek Orthodox Church by Russia and Israel. The Bishop running a Monastry on one of the Greek Islands that, because the Church represents the public to speak on their behalf on what they are allowed and what they are not allowed to know they are paid a wage by the Government to live on. The Church represents God  and as such they should also be cared for like everybody else.  The funding for the Church Ministers, some use different titles like Bishops, Pasters and Reverends should come from Natural Resource of Oil Money or revenue and should also get guaranteed State Pension using the same Oil money.  Starting at The Coded Non-Working Age of 60 years of age for both men and women as it is recorded in the Magnecata, the 800 year rule which started 750 years ago of Democracy. People are born equal and have rights to land and trial by jury to determine justice, people to be treated equal, some of the rules are either ignored or changed they rule countries by what they think, that is not acceptable. People have a free will. The Government where they recognise that, they state in the documents they issue especially to Job Centers that, Do not force people to do what they can not do, Treat each individual according to their circumstances! On humanitarian grounds reach an agreement where you both happy and the individual has been treeted fairly, which what the Government is based on "Caring, Fairness and Responsibility"  And words used by those involved in dicision making or rule creation such as Mandotory meaning  "Must!"  should be changed to Mondotory Restoration. Some people don't like that word used to tell them what to do they become very, very angry.

* Since Churches are example from paying Tax, they are regarded as a Charity. The reasonable wage for the Ministers is to pay them the amount of Tax Allowance of in the United Kingdom is now at 11,000 per year and the amount would be increased each year going up to 13,000. That was the former chancellor's proposal, George Osborne who lost his Cabinet job. He was replaced by The New Prime Minister Theresa May. The former Home Secretary, daughter of A Vicar the Anglican title for a Church Minister, their home is called the Vicarage.  She has a Degree in Geography. She chose between that subject and History. You can't both in British Comprehensive Schools, they stopped Grammer Schools fifty years ago. Some Church goers being welcoming and hospitable to a visitor from Philipines, innocently ask, Where about in China is The Philipines?  It might sound funny but ignorance has no excuse. All the Educators are doing here humiliating people by creating bad rules and making wrong decisions against peoples' will. That has got to stop!  Hopefully the New woman Prime Minister will understand the importance of using Natural Resource what people are designed to live of Land and Water!  Agriculture to grow food to feed people using Gold Money!  That is ready money you melt the precious metal design the coin gold plated another metal Silver to add value to the currency or print Bank Note to it's value!  Like the New fifty pence coin has been turned into a Bank Note with Former World War Two Prime Minister's photo made from cotton polyester material plastic to avoid counterfeiting.  It comes out in Sepetember, 2016.  He is right in your face to draw your attention if you are a wrong doer.

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**NB: There will be property projects to set up factories, wharehouses and office blocks. To rent cheaply for businesses at the price they can afford. World wide.**NB:Shop Property Project. These will be set up to sell cheap food of all sorts, at the prices people can afford. They will be run by the Charitable Organisation, They will employe people to mange them.

People wanting to take up shop managing should do research. Look for an empty shop in your area. Find out how much it would cost to rent the property do all the figures. Sea if are in an area where you can get customers. Promote it. Add the cost for funding the that project. Example: One lady in a dream went around in her area and found a shop in the city centre area. She new what she wanted to sell. She presented her report. Two gentlemen from the Charitable Organisation went and looked inside the shop accompaned by the lady and the offiicial letting out the shop. He had the keys. He let them in. The result was: The two gentlemen form the Organisation accepted the lady to manage the shop. They went outside and told her that. The front of the shop will have a sign at the top, which will be:

Large letters, like FRIUT AND VEGETABLES,

Followed in smaller letters: RUN BY

Followed at the bottom: International Charitable Organisation

Every business being run by them will show that sign at the front of the property they may be using. This lady is waving. She says it was her. She is very happy, and she is placing a pledge.

**NB: Wharehouse Property Project. Where food of all sorts will be stored, up and down each country, world wide. From where all distribution will be done, to be transported to the cheap Charitable Organisation's shops. People who want jobs will work in some of these projects. The jobs will be catagorised as in this project and other work places, in other projects: Office workers: like managers, administrators, secretaries, or clerks, Accountants, etc, There will be skills jobs, labour work like brick layer gang and general work, like packaging and sorting out things and drivers. This wharehouse project, will be set up all over the world in smaller or large countries. Dealing in cheap food, to sell. For some people who go hungry for days will buy food sold cheaply, to have something in their stomachs. That is the whole idea of it, to raise people above the poverty line, and lift peoples' burdens. God has seen it in a picture form, peoples' anguish, suffering and lamentation, when a country of one sort or another hits recession. It is lamentable! People are like virtually crying out to God. Some praying. God said, "It is time to go down to earth and sort things out!"


There will be a need for building constructors to refurbish the Charitable Organisation's properties, for their use. To either rent out for projects, which need such facilities. Work out your figures and prepare a report and present it to the Charitable Organisation. Who will work out an offer to do the work for them.

***NB: There was a gentleman stainding in a building. He says in the Post Office. He was brought forward in a vision. He said, " God sent me to introduce myself. I will work on one of the projects, as a builder to refurbish some of the properties, The Charitable Organisation want to use. I have a group of men I work with." He is accepted!

***NB: Another group of construction workers, came in a vision. They said, "They have no work, in the building industry. We need to do some construction work. Well, there will be plenty of work for them! The Canally Warf will be demolished and brought back to life. That will be the Charitable Organisation's International Headquarters. God Himself chose it.


* There has been people from other countries, crying out for road construction. There are in some contries, where there is no proper road connection, from town to town or city to city. Where they are at all, the roads are in very poor conditions. Someone from Zambia. A Government Official is waving his arms in the air. He says, "They need road constructions, even in the inner city areas. They also need street lighting, especially in residencial areas. They need electrical Companies to do some street lighting project. They also need, Telephone net work, for the country's phone connection is very poor, especial Mobile phone network, is very poor and only limited to some cities and towns. That is, in most African countries, phone network is very poor. Any Phone Companies interested to do some phone work, can send in their details. There is a lot of reaction here. Some people are bringing in reports, especially about road works. There is a que for road constructors. Someone says. "We will go and do the road works abroad, and then come back to UK." It is like the Auvedersein Pet!

***NB: One gentleman has just handed in a report to do one phone landline, for the whole country. The people can phone around, in the country and even phone abroad.

* Another one has come forward and says, He will work with him, but they will branch out. People phone out here and there as they wish.

*Another gentleman says, "They will do mobile phone connection, through out the entire country at a cheap rate.

**NB: Another lady coming in a vision says, "They will need them as well in her country. Zimbabwe. "Very poor phones lines there," she says. The two phone companies doing landlines in Zambia, will do Zimbabwe as well. The mobile phone says, They will do mobile phone network, as well in Zimbabwe. The President came back from the meeting grim faced. But when he heard about the phones being done up. He jumped up with joy. He is even smiling now.


There will be a need for constructing, electricity in remote areas, in the third world countries. For people who might live in areas where there is electricity. Using wheel or turbine going over a stream of water, generating electricity, for a number of homes. A lot of research in this area of project is needed. Anyone who need that send your details. A number of electricity constructors have come forward with their reports to do the job. Someone is saying there is five of them to run the project, as a group. Anywhere in the world.

**NB: There is competition from America. The young gentleman, brought in a report, and said, he will do one land line phone for the whole of Africa. Not one, but two. The mobile phone as well.

**NB: Another gentleman in USA comes forward and puts his report down and says, "He will join him, and do all of Africa. Landline and mobile phone network as well. The people can phone anywhere they like, at home and abroad. Cheap rate or what? He says, "we will see."

***NB: Another gentleman has brought in a report and says, "Him and his company will do phone landline network. In all of Malawi.

He says and mobile phone net work. Another one comes forward says. We will do that, the mobile phone. You just do the land line. He shows him the report and says, "We are the experts."

***NB: Still in Zambia. There is also a need for sanitation. There is a motor way. Where up to a good stand toilet facities are needed. There is a huge bus travel services going down that motorway. Good hygen is needed for travellers. This might also apply to other countries. If you need such good facilities, send in your report. And those Companies who can carry out work. Send in your reports.

***NB: Copper Mining needs to be revived. Someone says, "There is plenty of copper in the Copper Belt, which is the countries' main mereal resource. Some Companies are already there mining some of it. There are a large number of people, coming forward in the vision. Handing in their reports, about mining copper and road works in Africa. That many!

***NB: From America someone holding a report in the air. He says, "They can do construction work in USA, where disasters have happened, all over America, and all the sea Islands. " They will hand in their report. Someone has come in and says, "We will do the Sea Islands he can do America." The other gentlemen says, "No, no. We do all America and the Islands." The other one says, "We will do both together, share out contracts. You do so many in USA and Sea Islands and I do so many. Like half and half each." Oh hoo. Someone has come on the scene. Who says calm down. Both men have agreed to share the construction work."

**NB: There is a gentleman from the middle East, dressed in a white garment, with a blue top, and a black hat. With a piece of paper in his hand. He has just collapsed. Someone holding him says. He says, "He never thought he would be noticed, he has been walking up and down in the vision with a report. He needs his whole country to be rebuilt. It is in ruins. Nowhere to sleep properly." Tell him help is at hand. He can hand in his report. After this report is published, someone will come and do a survey of his country." "He says thank very much." And he goes after all. He is from Afganistan. I hear a helicipter, a land surveyor, pulls the gentleman up into the helicopter and start zooming around. Another helicopter dropping food suplies. Getting help from locals, who carry sacks of food to be distributed to the people there.


***NB: There is good news that just came in. The Talaban, will lay down their arms. They have had enough. They are just putting their fighting stuff away, and complaining. "We have been fighting a loosing battle. No food, nowhere to sleep. No money. Nothing." One of the men walks away fuming. That's it! Nomore fighting they will go away and find themselves a better life to live."

***NB: The Gorilla War in Argentina is over. The Gorilla war in Some African countries is over. The men who have been fighting these wars are just fed up fighting a loosing battle, with no food, no proper way of living in the jungle, and no money left. The men are leaving and going back home. Saying that't it.

NB: Earlier God went all round the areas, where there is a group of gorilla war fighters. He first went and warned the Zimbabwean political infighting to end or else. He went into the deep jungles of Africa and Argentina and Afganistan. He talked to them and heard their reasons for doing what they were doing. This could well be the result of their negotiation.

Earlier it was revealed that, the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, were hidden way deep into the ground somewhere. It is a question of someone stambling over them. Someone has just come in a vision with a piece of paper in his hand, to confirm what he has to say. He says, "He knows where some are buried, it is a question of explaining to someone, when they are dug out." More people are coming forward. One of them says, "He helped bury some. Only a small amount. but a large amount, is way out in the jungle like. Very difficult to pin point where they are. One will proberbly need a metal detector. Hopless otherwise. The other one says, "We knew they were hidden. Only we couldn't talk about it, at the time they were looking for them."

This will come as a shock to some people. But those who knew differently. It will just confirm what they suspected all along.

Things can be seen from above, One can debate about these political and human issues. It will help you exercise your brain. But when reality sets in, things can be different.



* House building construction is needed in third world and developing countries. Their inner city areas will be uplifted, with good basic accommodation. With good sanitation and good cheap water facilites.

House Constructors, are coming forward. Quite a que building up. Handing in their reports.

**NB: God, has already chosen people to run and manage. "The International Christian Charitable Organisation.

**NB: Five people and an Accountant, and a of group of five Overseers. To over see, how the funds are being raised and distributed to fund the projects, mentioned. They will travel around the world, to visit and see how some of the projects are being run. They will try and smooth out any problems that might occur. They have already been introduced earlier in the report. Just a reminder.

***NB: News Just came in, brought in the vision a group of young people of ten. A young couple with two young children. Have been brought together from other parts of the country. A young Chinese couple, came in with four other people, to go and help sort out the pile of projects reports, which are being handed in at Charitable Organisation. That is in a vision. That is how it will be in reality. God has seen it before hand. There are masses of people world wide, preparing their reports by doing research. Working out figures. A lot of people world wide want to do farming.

* More Young people. A group of five lads want to do some sorting work. They have cheered and run off happy!.

**NB: What will happen is, there will be sorting work set up in each city. In each country. After sorting work is reduced. Those who wish to do other work in the Charitable Organisation , can carry on. In some cases, it might mean moving away from where you are, to another city, pending where work is located. It will be annonced. But send in your report. "An early bird catches the worm!" There is volume sorting work in USA. Workers to do what will be needed.

**NB: A group of three men. Two Continental Europeans, and one from the United Kingdom. They had already done their research, and figures, in terms of costs and profit margin. They came in a vision. They said, "They wanted to run a business, to distribute the mountain of food piled up in the EU Wharehouses. They had been told by officials there, that they have no proper transport, to distribute food, world in the EU and world." They worked out a deal with EU officials, to have them distribute the food, as a business, or on business terms. The three men quoted a figure of funds they need to start a food distribution business, world wide, even food stored in The Charitable Organisation's, wharehouses! They will have food transported on the Cargo Aeroplanes. They will work out an offer with the Air Cargo Companies!

* There is a talk going on with one of the Airline bosses, who only flies passenger Aeroplanes. There is a boss of another Airline coming over, and taps on the shoulder of the food distrubitor. The Raynair man says to him. "If he doesn't do it, I will do it!" And he folds his arms around his chest, and stands there, raising his head, looking to see what the food gentleman will do, or what the other Airline boss will do. The Virgin Airline boss, scratches at his beard, looking down, making nervous movements. All of a sudden he looks up and says. "I have an idea. He runs up the stairs of the plane and gets inside. He confiers with someone. The Captain himself gets up and shakes hands with the boss and left his job, waving goodbye. Then the boss says to the other staff. You and you out! And goodbye, you are the weakest link. As the other two staff walk out of the Aeroplane, going down the stairs, with their work briefcases, and onto the tarmark. The boss, still scratching nerviously at his beard, moving his right foot on the floor. He brightens up and runs out of the plane and shouts at the leaving staff. "Hey, come back, come back I say!" But all the three staff, just walk on and refuse to come back. After all they have been fired. The boss sits on the stairs of his plane, folds his arms around and rests his head there, looking miserable. Then someone, very tall man with out of this world look. An Angel is it? "Yes. He taps on his shoulder, and leads him back in the aeroplane. And someone important has a word with him. The Raynair man waiting there. Waiting. Now standing in a challenging way, with his folded and legs apart, as some men stand.

The Virgin boss is being shown what to do with an Aeroplane. Still moving his hand over his beard. He listens, but still not making his mind up. He is told do this and that, and everything will be fine. And the team of helpers walk out of the plane. He runs after them. But they stop to have a word with the other boss standing there, like an army Captain. The Raynair boss put his arm around the food gentleman, and leads him away, explaining to him, what the deal would be. Then all of a sudden the Virgin boss wakes up, like a wake up call. He runs after the Raynair boss and says, "Hey wait, he came to me first. I should make out a deal with him! Not you!" The team of helpers stood by watching with interest, to see who will win. The Virgin boss takes the food gentleman's arm, to come with him, but the food man says, "No" and walks away with the Raynair boss. He is left standing there, looking bewildered. The team of helpers, again try to explain things to him. Still undecided. They leave. They are complaining. "Twice told him, and he can't still see sense in it, lets go. It is like we are wasting our time." The virgin boss standing on the door way of his Aeroplane looking miserable and helpless. He walks back inside the plane and sits, with his legs, stretched, and his arms folded around the back of his head, and goes into a drooping way, looking down on the floor. He says, "Help me find God, let me get to know him. I just do not understand His ways. " But in the meantime, I will go and get myself a Cargo Plane, a huge one!" He cheers himself up and shaking his hands together. He picks up his bag, and takes out his Aeroplane keys. He says, "He will get rid of it, and buy the Cargo Plane. God told him so. You can tell the world. I have got other Aeroplanes. I will transport that food around the world, with the food man and with God!" He gets in his car in a serious no nonsense manner, and drives off! He tells the Raynair boss. I will get him off you. You got no Cargo Plane. You have all these Airline roots you have taken. There is no room at all. We will take some of those Airline roots off you!" He said, as he leaned his head out of the car window, and drives off! The food man runs after him, with his piece of paper, shouting, "Wait for me." The Virgin boss stops, at the barrier gates, and asks the gentleman to hand him his piece of paper, and writes his phone number on it, and says. "contact me direct, and we will discuss business!" And he drives off. The food man jumps in the air with joy. Shaking his fists in the air. The Raynair boss walks back into the Airport, looking slightly on the loosing side. That's the end of this interesting vision.


God wants people to eat a balanced meal, in order to keep healthy. He knows how the human body works He created it. Thre things one needs:

Carbohydrate, which is starch, protain, which is meat or fish, etc. and vitamins, which is vegetables, especially green ones. Like the green, green grass of home.

**NB: God says, in order for people, to eat food cheaply at the price they can afford. He will revive farming, all over the world. People will have to grow food that is produced on a large scale.

It did not take long after God gave speeches in the vision on several occasions. Some people who had been caught up in the vision, at an early stage. went out and did their research, worked out the figures. They were told in the vision projects of any sort will be run by two people or more. The Land Surveyer went out in the helicopter. Some people started to follow him in their cars. They went and stopped him, with their reports.

* One lady and her husband and two people wanted to farm cows. They wanted to produce good healthy looking cows, for good chanks of beef to make people strong.

* One group wanted to farm sheep, muton, to produce good chanks of lamb chops!

*One group of three men, they wanted to farm pigs! They had even brought two pigs with them.

* One lady with her husband and a few people wanted to farm potatoes on a large scale, to have them sold cheaply in the Charitable Organisation's shops; up and down the country.

* One group of husband and wife and three more ladies want to run a farm together, as a group to farm vegetables on a large scale to sell them cheaply, for the Charitable Organisation to sell them cheaply in their shops up and down the country!

* Another lady in her mid thirties. Her and her husband and four others want to farm checkens on a large scale, and eggs, to sell them to the Charitable Organisation's shops cheaply! These were some of the early birds. An early bird catches the worm! There was a wheat farmer. He will run the farm with his three sons, as a family.

* A gentleman from Nolfork, wanted to do wheat farming, with his two sons. They will manage the farm together.

*A que of people turned in a vision from Africa. Most of them wanted to do farming.

*A group of five Asian men and a daughter. Her Dad and his five friends from Tanzania. They wanted to mass produce cheap food, to distribute to cheap Charitable Organisation's shop , start in Tanzania and spread out to other African countries. They also want to farm cows, to sell meat cheaply as well in these same shops.

* There were people from Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa, Chaina and Russia and all the Russian Federation break away countries, of Georgia and Kazakistan. Most Zimbabwens want to do maize, casava and millet farming. The white ones. A group of them wanted to farm bananas on a large scale, to distribute in Charitable shops, cheaply. All over Zimbabwe and near by countries.

* There is a mill running projects. To grind the maize and casava, etc. into powdered form. Those farmers who want such servises, will have someone in their are doing such a business. If there isn't one, the Charitable Organisation, will set up one and employ people to manage them. They will be cheap to run and cheap for farmers to use, or other people doing small scale gardening of their own, can use the grinding mill.

**NB: A group of giant food retailers turned up in a vision. They wanted to know if they could buy some cow meat, from farmers, running the farming projects, funded by the Charitable Organisation. They were told that, they could do, but at a slightly hiher wholesale price. They were quite happy with that, because they need meat to sell in their shops. They said, "They will sell the meat slightly cheaper than, being sold in the Charitable Organisation's shops."

**NB: The farmers will hire farming equipment at a price they can afford. The project will be set up by the Charitable Organisation. They will run the hiring out of farming equipment to farmers, cheaply. They will employ a group of people to manage the project.

***NB: Later God turned up at the farms in the vision. He threw little bags of sample money at them, which some said, "when you break one it is like a chocolate button." You don't get real money in the midddle of nowhere. God said to all farmers around the world, in each country. These were His very words, "In the first year of their farming, whatever produce they were involved in. They will be paid a wage while they wait for their produce to pick up. In the second year, they can then start to earn their own living." This applies to every country in the world! (Someone just fainted standing behind, she is okay now). Some farmers will get training in how to run their particular choice of farming. Just attending seminars for a few months, whil e still farming. There will be business advisers, to follow them up. One of them has already been chosen by God. Even travelling around the world to where these other projects may be set up. To give them guidance. We won't mention names, until after the report has been published on the Internent.


* Just a suggestion to the people in Africa who might want to take up farming projects. The verious crops other than what is already mentioned. They may be encouraged to grow such as:

Pumkins, sweet potatoes, and green yam, which looks a mash mellow. All these are very rich in carbohydrate, (starch) and also tomatoes and vegetables, on a large scale.


* There was fourty different people altogether, who want to make bread cheaply, to sell in the Charitable Organisation's shops. Up and down the country. They are in groups of three, four and five.


* There will be food programme set up in Churches, to curter for Christians, who go to church, without food in their homes. They will be served some hot meals, at church. Some can take away the meal. Where there is not much room to sit down and eat. If members of the congregation, have no food in their homes, they can go to church and fetch some food, from their church's food store. Just to see them through their needy time for a few days. Until they are back to normal again. The Charitable Organisation, will help towards funding some of the church food programme. The Americans, who were in the vision when it started have been going around and promoting it. They have been busy preparing reports. Huge reports. The Land surveyer, went around USA, with a group of delegates. Some American Bishops. They went around to survey, for farming project over there. Where the land is not fertile. They will grow vegetables in large green houses.

* Just to mention on passing. In Italy. The land scape is very mountainous. Very steep mountains. What some farmers do there is. They climb to the top of the mountain, where there is a bit of fland land. They pitch a green house, and start growing Italian tomatoes, most people buy in shops and around the world. The Italian source of all sorts, olive oil flavour, comes from this creative tomato growers in Italy. Food can be grown anywhere, where there is land. If not try other means, like green housing, sorry. Green houses. You can make a fortune, selling them tomatoes at home and abroad.

**NB: Some people living in some poor accommodation in Italy and other European countries. They will be moved to better Cheap basic accommodation, of 1, 2, and 3 bedroomed flats or houses, especially people with families. No over crowding, and with good sanitation. Someone from Spain. A lady says. "We have no running water where we are. Just little huts. Like the rest of the poor countries." The king of Spain who is in a vision, has just stood up to see who is talking. He has just made a note of that. He will go and visit the area himself. "We will see about that," He says, in a no nonsense manner.

***NB:There will be cheap food project set up by the Charitable Organisation, to distribute food, to communities, where most people can not afford food sometimes. There will be food stalls, set up twice a week. For families who have no food in their homes for some days, until, they get paid. They will get some vegetables, potatoes or rice, and tinned food of their choice. It will be like the ice cream man calling around. Don't miss that food stall, if you have no food in your home for a couple of days.PROPERTY SALES:


In the vision, it was mentioned. As it had been seen in God's report of His own research, that a lot of buildings, which have been developed by property developers.were lying around empty. Either for living accommodation, or work related properties. The five people who are supposed to run this Christian Charitable Organisation, were asked to phone some property developers. Ask them if they would like to sell their abundaned properties. At an offer price, bearing in mind that we are a Charity. We are here to help people who need help. Fill in the gaps, where the Government can not do everything. Lo and behold the property developers were just too happy to get rid off their burdening property businessess. They might as well sell them instead of just lying empty.

*One gentlemen in a white shirt and black trousers, came running and handed in a report. He wanted to to sell his two blocks of flats. One contains, one bedroomed flats, housing 200 people. Another block is two bedroomed flats, housing, 300 peolpe. Figures won't be mentioned. But he made an offer for eack block, he said that't it!

* Another gentleman in a grey jumper, and grey trousers, came foward, and made an offer at a less price, for one of the blocks of flats.

* Two youngmen, came foward and made the same offer as the second gentleman.

* Another gentleman, came forward, and made the same offer as the last two. As the competition started to hit up. The first gentleman came back and said, "I will go at the same price as the others! He was so relieved to sell the properties. They were to much of a burden to him.

* There was another one. He was saying, "he will sell his at the same price as the others." There was a long que. They were taken to one side to be sorted out. These offers were made in a vision. We hope they will remember. If not God will remind them! They have all been accepted!


After the property developer sales. One lady and her husband came forward. They wanted to sell their house. Five roomed, and have been there five years. She brought the price drastically low. She wanted to get rid of it . It was too much of a burden. They couldn't afford it anymore.

*Another lady and her husband, came forwad and wanted to sell hers. She said, at first, it was fine. But they started to run into financial difficulties.

*There was a group of six house holds, in the same area. One a bangalo. They wanted to sell theirs. Five roomed or four rooms. The offers are similar. The longer one has been at the property, the offer price will be different.

Another one a celebrity. No name mention yet, maybe later. She wanted to sell hers, been there five years. She reduced the offer. The same reason, she wanted to get rid of it. It was too expensive to run. No doubt there will be more, in reality.

* Not too long ago an Estate Agent came foward and offered the Charitable Organisation, to buy houses that have been standing for a long time, not finding a buyer. They said they can have them at half price. That news was welcome.

* A gentleman who owned a Shipstone public house, (for bee drinking). They went out of business years ago. They offered to sell it to the Charitable Organisation, at cheap price. They didn't care how cheap as long as they got rid of it. And they did. The Organisation will refurbish the building, and will let it  a foreign company, to use it to make things, etc.


There was a group of people who submitted their business reports in the vision.Examples:

*Three Asian gentlemen, had done their research and brought in a report, showing figures, of costs and profit. They wanted to produce food cheaply to sell in the Charitable Organisation's shops. Including dairy products, like, butter, margerine an yogurt.

*Another group, of seven people came forward, led by the gentleman in a white shirt and dark blue trousers. They want to manufacture cheap school uniforms, internationally. They will set up branches all over the world.

* Another group of five youngmen. Two Malasian, two white ones and one Asian. They can be seen in the vision. They are very intelligent and driven to do some work. They want to set up factories all over the world, to distribute cow meat, beef. They will be buying these from farmers, who will be running Charitable Organisation farm projects. Also they will get cow meat from Malasian farmers. They have plenty of cows there. They will then package them in large, small and mediam trays. Like the French meat retailers package theirs in large trays. Like at Hype Market at Dankirk. These young entrepernuers, will then distribute the meat and chicken to be sold cheaply, in the Charitable Organisation's shops. All over the world, in every country!* There was a lady in the vision, who wants to manage a Charitable Organisation's shop, with her husband and a youngman, a twenty year old relative. They want to make cheap cakes and scones, and sell them in the Charitable's shops.

* There were in a vision, an Asian family of husband and wife and daughter. They want to make chocolates or confectionary, cheaply on a mass production scale. They abanduned their business. It was too expensive to rent the property they were using. They couldn't afford to pay 500.00 per month rent.

*Also in a vision came another Asian family of husband with two of his friends. He will be the President. One of his friends, a manager, and a general worker, sorting out work, and everything around the factory. His daughter will be designing the clothes. They want to manufacture clothing on a large scale, to sell cheaply, in The Charitable Organisation's shops. All over the world!

**NB:In the vision. Two high profile chefs turned up. One was pulled in after he saw the vision in a dream. Another got pulled in later. The other one has been in the vision, since it nearly started. He has been cheering and whistling.

* The Chef, who has been in the vision longer wanted to set up a restuarant to serve cheap food. To people who can't afford, the more up market expensive food. He was seen in a vision, going around looking for a restaurant property. He found one. He has been encouraged by God to go around the world, sorting out some restaurants.

The other chef, who was pulled out of the dream. Said, "he was lying there asleep, when he saw this huge gathering of people. The next thing he knew. He had been pulled in the crowd. "

He sat listening when we were, just mentioning cheap food restaurant business. He said, "He will also set up a cheap food serving restaurant. He said, "It will draw masive people in. He will get a large place."

* The other chef, hits back. He says, "I will teach him a lesson. I will get two more cheap food restaurants. One up North. Two in London. One in East End. And that's it!"

*The other chef responds giving him an eagle's eye stare. "I will get two very large cheap serving food restaurants!"

The other chef, just dismisses him with a hand wave down.


A group of business advisors has increased. There was the first one and then another one came in a dream. He kept appearing, at every place I went to. Loitering about. This is strange, what is an exercutive business man doing in a place like this. He touched something that nearly fell apart. "I said, you damaged that. You owe me money!"

It was when I woke up. God was saying. "He will be one of the financial and business advisors, for the Charitable Organisation. One of the tall men from the Lion's Den. He is in a vision, jumping up and down. Then came later in a vision, another financial advisor. He does a Television Programme, about putting your money, where your mouth is. A black American. Can't remember his name. He is very happy. He is waving his arms in the air. God said, "They will be going around as individuals, advising people running Charitable Organisation businesses. But they will sometimes come together, with a group of people, running business projects, to discuss the business issues, and learn something from the advisors.


Fund raising is already underway, in some ways. In the vision:

*Members of The Public: Two women came in a vision and started to prepare theirs, on a small scale

* Television Personalities: Two people from strictly come dancing, joined by another person came foward. There have been preparations underway. They have submitted their report.

* Pop Concerts: Someone came in the vision. He was seen standing at a huge pop concert. He came forward and offered to raise funds by organising pop concerts. And all the veteran Pop singers mentioned will do some Charitable Organisation fund raising events.

*Football: Then there was some fooball celebraty from South America. He has been in the vision, since it almost started. He doesn't seem to have slept a wink. He plans to organise footbal teams, to compete in South America. To raise money for the Charitable Organisation. Someone has just come in a vision. The former England Captain, says he will work with him, to organise the fund raising events. The captain is now dancing with joy, after he knows it will be, the ex- Argentine renowned footballer.

*Tennis: Then there was a vision of former multiple Tennis Champion. from the Zceh, Repbulic. She offered to raise funds, by organising tennis tornaments around the world. She will be joined by another multiple, Tennis Champion from America, who came in a vision, and made a pledge.

*General Car Racing: Then a former Fomular one car racer, read the advert, about the vision and the projects that went with it. He said, "He would like to help raise money for the Charitable Organisation, by organising a car racing event. Another ex-Formular One Champion came in avision, twice, curiously. But when he heard about the offer to raise money by another multple Champion. He said, he will join him and organise the fundraising event. Get a group of drivers, and race against each other around the track .


About six business people. A mixture of men and two women. Went to Africa, to see if they could help set up, some projects there, but things fell apart. They have come in a vision, saying, " they will pldge all that money they had between them, to the Charitable Organisation. They are being watched and listened to by billions of people around the world. They will be reminded, lest they forget, about their pledge.


God has seen in the United Kingdom, the burden of people paying for things, here and there. The burden of paying Council Tax. What sort of tax is that, which you pay 50, 60, and 70 a month, which is more than you pay for normal tax. What is called the Local Authorities, they invest money in foreign companies. 100,000,000 and 42,000,000, and after they have lost all that money, they come back to want to take money out the poor. God, says, "Council Tax will be cancelled! It will not be replaced by another form of Tax. They will have to find another means of raising money for their services. A few years ago a report was produced where the Government, was advised to cancel council Tax and raise money by other means. And that Council Tax is rebatable. People will have to get a rebate on their Council Tax bill.They put the report on the shelf, where it started to gather dust. Until God came along to remind them! Some of these Government officials turned up in the vision on several occassions, even the Chancellor of the Exchequer, turned up with Prime Minister. They were asked by God and His lobbyists, to cancel Council Tax. They ignored it. They were told, if they don't they will be forced to cancel it. It has gone through. Council Tax has been cancelled right now!. It won't wait any longer! "The Chancellor of the Exchequer, is standing right behind. He is for the first time smiling and shakes hands with someone. He say, "It was such a pain." Some Council workers are relieved others were angry, When this was mentioned earlier, they stormed out of the vision. It was like a boardroom bust up! As they left they heard the next annoncement. They lingered a bit, curiously wanted to know what it was, when it was mentioned that Television license will go, Then, they moved on. They were zapped up to have a word, with God's lobbyists. Who showed them a video, of one of the middle class man collapsing in the street. When he heard, that Council Tax was to go and Water rates, and working hours will be shortened. This man was virtually in tears. He said as he was being comforted, "You have no idea what this means to me. My wife and I have a baby. I have no time to help her look after the baby. The finances are also a problem" They were told if you can't look after people properly. Then you should go and get another job! another Council official standing by, who was also angry, said, "he has got over it now. He sees the point." One youngman standing in the crowd, after the officials stormed out, While in a vision he went straight to the Council offices, and stormed at the Council official demmanding his council tax rebate. The official told him that, he didn't know anything about it. He told him to calm down, that, he would sort it out if they know anything about it. When he came back in the crowd. He said, "I went straight to the Council to demand my rebate. I didn't realise I was in a vision." He made everybody laugh. Even the angry official laughed, after he had calmed himself down.

The Scotish Parliament are rejoicing. As Council Tax is cancelled in the United Kingdom. They will cancel theirs, says First Scotish Prime Minister. He is just standing in a vision not too far from here. He was sent a standard e-mail, which contains announcement of the Published Report.

* Just on passing. One person had been in the vision earlier, holding his peice of paper. He said, "This is what I'm owed on my council Tax. I want it all back! He was fuming.


**NB: A confirmation from the Chansellor of the Exchequer, he says, "Yes Council Tax will be cancelled and The Bailifs as well will stop." Some workers at the Bailifs have started to pack up and leaving their desks, saying. "It was so stressful, dealing with a lot of paper work. The Chansellor has even walked out, looking relieved. Some Council workers also leaving. They are saying, not enough money for wages. But only collecting money from people and either pocketing it or sending it to other countries, while we do all the work. We just get very little to live on. Nothing left in our pockets to spend." He is in a vision, showing his empty pockets. He walks out. Waving that's it.


When God approached the water company to stop charging for water. They said, "They had no water in their tanks." He said, "I will open the windows of heaven and poll water into the tanks!" There was a vision seen of the water official, showing the tanks.; which he was complaining about the water shortage. They gave in. "They are now clearing their desks. Someone is saying it is gone. It is finished. The workers are walking out. They said, "It is too much work. Paper work is that high. There is someone comfirming that. There is a lot of money in it and being wasted. Handing money out here and there and then pocketing some of it. They keep it, doing nothing. The water regulators kept telling them to stop charging too much for water. They ignored it. They were taken to court and charged 8,000,000. That's money taken, while the poor people suffered finances.There is a difference in water charges. Just a few hundred yards from someone else. One person pays high water bills, in a walking distance from another person. As from now on there will be nomore paying for water rates. It has been stamped and signed. All these changes. There is nothing anyone can do about it.


As from now, There will be no Television Lincense. Instead they will run adverts. Like you pay for one minute advert and next half a minute free. The Director General of BBC Television, has been sitting here in the vision, as he has been most of the time. He has just confirmed that.He also announced that He will have A God TV on one of BBC's Chanels. This is a huge Christian broadcasting Chanel, which was started by God himself, using or working with a young couple. They have established it. It will run part of the morning time on BBC1 and later go to BBC4, will run all night as it is a twenty four hour digital broadcasting Channel.

The ITV1 Chief hit back:  He said, "He will take up Christian Premier Television, currently runs twenty four hours, on the Internent.

*NB: The Virgin Media boss promised to put God TV. Channel on free view, of his Cable company in the East Midlands.  Cable TeleWest, merged with Ntl world, he took over. The people in the South where it is basd don't pay to watch God TV Channel. It is free.  Religious programmes are Charitable. They shouln't be charged. They are even exempt from paying tax. A lot of opportunities have placed before him. He is still winging. Three Earoplane Cargos came through to offer the Charitable Organisation to transport food around the world, to starving people. Reynair boss stripped one of his passanger planes, and turned it into a cargo plane and immediately started to ship food around the world trip after trip. East Midlands Freigt Cargo company stted in to help him out. Gatwick Airport and Stanstead Airport, also stepped in to help. Everytime you come into this section, to just listen, you are wasting time. "Time is the essence!"  Thomas Cook, the large travel company will sooner or later, step in with their own Freight Cargo business. This will heat up the competition, and force freight prices down.

* Both the BBC4 and ITV 4 will broadcast live Crusades, when they begin to run every quarter. The first quarter, where preparations are underway, will start in February, 2009. The first one will be at Wembley Stadium. Giant screens will be placed outside the stadium, if full up. There will be more big screens at Trafalgar square, Leisecter Square, The Park, near Grosvenal Hotel, Near the Dom, which will be used later for a conference with Bible Teachers to be invited. And one screen at Camden square. The next quarter. The next crusade will be at the millenium Stadium. The other crusades will be announced later on. They will be funded by The International Christian Charitable Organisation. It is free to get in.

* A few prominent Business gurus have offered to get together, to arrange for people up and down the country, going to any of these crusades, to gent free transport, by train or buses. For the first year treat only. They are: The Virgin Media Boss, The Sky Media Boss and the Microsoft Boss. No names mentioned yet. For the Sky news twenty four hour boss mentioned this. When he attended the vision, once upon a time. He said, "The crusades will be transmitted live via satelite, on Sky News. It's only for a couple of hours. The news team can have a break and have a kit -Kat. If these bosses have forgotten, they will be reminded. I can see in a vision, bus drivers getting ready to go and pick up people from everywhere, to go to the crusades. The Train drivers are getting ready as well. And awy we go! This is how God works. It is God's doing, and it is marvellous in one's eyes. A scripture will confirm that, in the Gospel.

* There were some who attended a gathering in the vision. Some became very emotional. They repented kneeling everywhere. God said, "You should go to the crusade and get saved in the proper way. By making a prayer of confession, and decide to become a believer if you wish. If there is an alter call. People being asked to go forward. This will then be time for you to go forward. Or if you are watching at home. You can just pray along the prayer of repentance, or pray your own prayer of confession. Just ask for the forgiveness of your sins. through Jesus Christ and that's it. leave the rest to God. Any problems you may have, Him and His Son will sort that out, sooner or later; while He raises you above your circumstance. God said, "Bring your sick, to the crusades and be healed! He will send annointed preachers and healers, etc. I can see people going foward, making their way to these crusades.

*This applies to all countries world wide. There are people making their way to the front to make a decision to follow Jesus.

What you saw and did in the vision, was a preview, of what will happen, because things done in the vision, do not materialise in the real world. They have to be made real by human beings themselves. It is like a dream. You are shown what is in the future, in a picture form. Then later the dream becomes a reality. You have to make your dreams come true, by acting upon what was seen in the dream. It depends upon an individual. Example: If someone has been dreaming of desperately becoming a millionare or a singer. Where do they go when an opportunity comes their way? To the auditions to be on the Ex-Factor. Same with the vision. The situation is shown first, then reality follows. God is only here to help you, not to bite you.

**NB: After the Pope had an audience with God. I can see him, saying to gathering at the Vatican, "this is what God told me, "I should baptise you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit". He is pouring water on the heads of believers, but God, is standing over somewhere and is saying to him. "Not like that. Make out a pool in the Vatican, and baptise them, by deeping them in the water, like John the baptist baptised his desciples, and later baptised Jesus." God, has just waved his way into the pool. He swims across, and sits on the edge of the pool, while the Pope, is in the pool baptising the believers. God, is saying. "Come on in and get baptised. Encouraging them. Young and old. He holds a baby in His hands and blesses the child. Lifts the baby in the air. Gives the child back to it's mother. He held the child for her while she got baptised. One of the priests helping the Pope hands the child to the mother. God, swims back and goes away, and says, "Do not forget, and keep up the good work, all of you. You, you and you everywhere. You are such hard working people in the earth. Keep praying. We will hear your prayers, in heaven.

* The crusades will be in most large cities of the world. Some every quarter like in USA . the first one will be in Los Angeles. The Mayor of Los Angeles is rejoicing. He sat there listening. In others countries, every six months. These will be announced by people, who will be involved in organising them.

***NB: If anybody is interested to get a sample of people preaching, around the world. There will be a link on the web page, where this report will be published. click on the link and go in the web page. Just register first to watch an ipod, of a church or conference gathering. Confirm your e-mail address. Then to start watching, click on the left side on ministries. Then click on the picture of the person you want to listen to. Wait for the ipod, to start. You can even pull it to one side, while you look at another web page and listen at the same time. It is for those who are interested. Don't do it, if you don't want to. . Heaven is a glorious place. Do not miss the opportunity of going there.


It was brought to God's attention that, most people around the world. Work too long hours, that it is creating a problem for employers, because of stress. Too many people off sick from stress. Just for health reasons. God says, maxmum working hours for women is ten hours. For men it is twelve hours. If men want to go a mile further to do overtime work, or whatever. They should go at fourteen hours. No more! if anybody goes over, that will be at their own peril. If not. If they are asked to work more than that, by their employers. A law will be broken! A new bill will have to be passed." And also there is too much work load, given to employees. The work load should either be reduced or shared. As too may people are off sick from work. Some employers loose a lot of money, in production revenue. It is better to have people at work, for shorter hours and less work load, than loose a lot of money per day.


***NB: There is also the benfit system. Too many people are incapasiteded. It costs the Government a lot of money to keep people away from work. Many of them haven't worked for years. Most of them suffer from stress related illness. They want to work, but their bodies are too stressed out. For those who want to work, easier jobs will be provided for them by the International Christian Charitable Organisation. Just sorting thigs out. (There is a long que of people coming out looking for work. They are being helped) There will a lot of work for almost everybody. There will be no excuse. Individuals, will be asked what they can do. Working will help some people to exercise their bodies. Instead of sitting at home doing nothing. Staying indoors for too long will make some people age quicker. They need to get out and about and mix with other people and get some fresh air. Too many are house bound. Government officials take note. There might be changes to the way the benefit system works. Especially where family or indivudual problems matter. It is the burdens, which should be lifted from most people. Some of them are too depressed to do anything. Just worrying about finances, about the cost of food. Cheap food and jobs will come. Don't just sit there do something!

It was the way, the benefits work. When people need that extra bit of money to pay urgent bills. What they are getting on benefit is not enough. When they do extra work. That money has to be paid back. Some of it can be too much to pay back. It might take 50 or so years for some to pay it back. When Courts judge people who have worked for a while without telling the benefit office, where mistakes might have been made, or where someone might have had family problems. Those people are punished by the courts. If they are jailed. The money the owe is waved ore cancelled. The court judgement is in two areas. There is a thresh hold for someone who owes more tahn 20,000.00 will be judged at the Marjestrate's, court, or higher court. If If they are found guilty of any misconduct to the system. Then they can be jailed, but the money is cancelled. They are have already received the punishment. That person will have no job and no means of support to pay back all that money. There is the lower court, where people have done some work, and owe much less amount mentioned above. The etra money owed is worked out. Some might still owe alot, because of family problems. If they are punished in terms of doing some work, plus court costs. They have to pay all that money back. If ist's too much to pay over a fifty year period. It might as well be cancelled. Let the people move on. The Government says, "It's the tax payers money. No, Someone earned it. They waste more tax payer's money, than anybody else put together. They have lost millions of tax payer's money in investments abroad. But when families need help. No, they want the money back. God says, "Things will have to be looked at according to individual's problem. Unless someone sets out to abuse the system, like organised gangs, or someone who wants to abuse the system, to feed the drug addict habbit. But when it comes to family matters, flexibility will be needed. The Prime Minister and the Chansellor of the exchequer are here. They both turn up in the vision, all the time. Someone earlier put that point to the Prime Minister. The lobbiysts said, "It is not trying to change the policy, but to look at individual circumstances, which brought such a situation about, in the first place.

He agreed that things could be looked at. Question: Could large amounts owed by an individual be waved or cancelled. If things were different from the drug addict? Answer: He says, "yes." And him and his Chansellor have both run off! They will be reminded in reality, what they said, in the vision. Just wanted to add this latest news. This includes housing Benefit. This has been stamped and signed. Any money someone owes will be waved or cancelled, if they can't pay it back. Just like other debts that date Management Companies deal with. Take that to them, after the report has been published. They will look at it for you, and have the money owed waved.

Some finances which are placed on people, is way out of order.

God, and His Son Jesus Christ, looked at the United Kingdom and America. They were getting a lot of anguish from people, over property dealings. People having their houses being repossesed. The number of reposession each month was running up to 15,000 and now 30,000 people thrown out where? In the street in their own country? With a lot of land mass to build cheap accommodatiom, which people can afford. The rent and the morgatge keep going up and up! Some people are at the verge of running away from the so called Council accommodation. They are so burdened, so depressed. They don't know where to go. The rent has gone up. They can't afford it anymore. This is all over the world. which are over crowded. There are some cities like tokyo in Japan. Twenty eight million people living in that one city alone. The globe warming shouldn't be ignored! It poses a great danger. It is like a silent killer. God, has looked at the evidence of it. The countries with a lot of land mark, should spread people out and build towns or cities in other areas of their country. Build cheap basic accommodation for people, so that everybody in their country have a roof over their heads and food to eat. One has either to work or grow food. If some over crowded cities of some countries do not shift people in outer land areas. God will do it, by building cheap basic accommodation, and creating road roots to each city to inter- trade or visits to one another. The Charitable Organisation will fund the Project, for outer areas accommodation. Jobs will be provided from massive Charitable Organisation's projects. They will lobby the Governments in question, to help with the cost of expanding crowded inner city areas.

**NB: Concerning house sales. When God compared the cost of buying a house, in the United Kingdom and America, compared to their European counterparts. The price of a house costing 80,000 in Europe, will cost 200,000 or 300,000 pounds in The Uk and USA. What greed! These property dealers have burdened people in these two countries, so much so, they don't realise how they feel. They have created a situation where house properties are now lying in waste, instead of at least earning some money off them, at a lower house price. They are loosing money. People being forced in the streets, to sleep rough with their young children. While you there arrogantly, taking money out of the poor. 450.00 and 500, per month. They beg house dealers to allow them to extend the months, at least for them to pay, less mortgage. "No, they refuse." What are people now suffering from poor finances doing? They will sell their houses, and move into cheaper accommodation. Who will loose out on business and on making at least some reasonable profit? The house dealers themselves." If you hear of a country being called one of the richest economies in the world. One will know where the money comes from, to make the country rich. Making money out of poor people. Raising unreasonable standard of living, which some people can not afford. This is a wake up call. Before you do business, to make good profit, do your home work first. Do not add two and two together and get five. Get four instead. Do research first. Compare notes with other countries to see, how they have avoided falling into such house property problems. In France, most people do not own houses. They rent, because the Government is Cautious, not to allow people to borrow money to buy houses, at the price they can not afford. They avoid taking risks. They know how finances function. They run up and down. Like a yoyo string. Like the stock market. The price of gold was that low, at one time, that, some people abundaned buying it. They got rid of it. They sold it to another country. Some time later the price of gold went up in value. What happened? Someone who got that gold benefited from it. That was money being thrown away at someone else. God says, "The money game has got to stop! learn a lesson from now. If you try to use money not borrowed. It will land you in deep trouble.


* There are too many cars on the road, at anyone given time. This applies to most countries world wide. It causes this Carbon Monoxide situation, which can lead to Global warming. Transport will be looked at. The Charitable Organisation, will set up a project, to run cheap bus transport . Right from the rural areas to towns, and cities. Especially in areas where there are no bus roots. Where people have to walk a long distance to get to the nearest bus stop. Also bus roots, where people have to wait for buses for too long. The Charitable Organisation will lend a helping hand there. Their buses will even go a long distance to fetch and take people to work, and back again, cheaply! At the price they can afford. This will be all over the world. Where transport is either not available or is slack. The Charitable Organisation lobbyists, will try and help to negotiate with Governments, to meet them half way with the funds To get the transport project off the ground. Help people with transport, especially with costly problems. And reduce the carbon monoxide problem. The large car gazzlers, can two or three days a week, use cheap bus transport to get to work, or to get around, in order to deal with this transport problem.

* A confirmation for people who need cheap buses to get them to work, where there are no such buses. Someone from Croydon, waving and East Sussex, and Surrey. Someone from Guildfold. All the those areas in the south. They are like the subarbs of London. It is all a built up area. Right from Kent, coming into London. Most people living in those areas, work in London. They want to use buses all week, because of the travel expence. If anyone have a transport problem in their area. Wherever you are, send in details. Which will help to survey the areas, where such bus root facilities are needed.


(a) In Russia, the place where there was an earth quarke twenty five years ago. people are still there, living in terrible conditions. Also at Chennoble area, where there was gas spillage. People will be moved from there and good basic accormmodation built for them. The imprisoned Russian billionaire will be released on bail. I saw God coming out of prison with him. He promised to pledge some cash to go towards, rebuilding those areas, and a pledge to the Charitable Organisation. This includes the Break away Russian Republics of Georgia, Ukrane and Kazakstan. And any other areas like, Kosovo and Yugoslavia.

(b) In China, and Pakistan, and Afghanistan, and Iraqui, and Thailand's Sunari disaster. God said, "The leaders in some of these places have a lot of money, which they do not release to help, the poor people they are ruling over. God, says, "He will get some of that hidden money and make them pay towards re-building of their countries and improving peoples' standard of living.

(c) In Ethopia. God visited the famine struck area some years ago in a dream. He surveyed the place. Everybody watches the news, how the wind blows out their shelters. Some people are now tweny five years old. They went to school there. They are still there, being fed by the United Nations. God has said, "These are my people, I will look after them. I will send help. Now is the time for the Ethopians in that area. To move and go to more fertile area, and basic cheap accommodation will be built for them. Schools started, and farming projects to be set up.

School Fees*In all third world and developing countries will be free, school fees, for primary and secondary schools. So that people can educate their children, who will be the future economy! In all the countries around the world. Do not abuse children, and do not kill them, instead look after them. God, looks after every child in heaven, that, has died early, He has them looked after by Angels, even babies in prams. They grow up and go to school. Some even become teachers themselves.

Siweto will be rebuilt with good basic accormmodation. Zimbabwe will be rebuilt and farming revived. Those who want to farm, whatever colour or creed, will take to farming. If they are Zimbabwen citizens, why should't they farm?

God visited Zimbabwe, during the time of political uprising. There was a vision of Him in a dream. He surveyed the land, riding on a Chariot. He expected the Government to have to re-build, that which had been dsetroyed. The cries of people in that country, and others around the world, concerning severe sufferings, being brought on people is dispicable. The languishing, had come to God, in a picuturasque form. If one saw a vision of it, it was not a good picture. God says, "The people of Zimbabwe will have basic accommodation built for them. And normal life for them will be revived. The Government will have to release some of the funds hidden or put away. Most of it in off shore accounts! To go towards the building projects, which will be set up there.


*The shanty towns in every country in Africa, Asia, and the far east will be revampaged, and basic cheap accommodation built. Building Constructors have come foward in a vision. They are ready to do the demolition work! Jobs will be provided from these projects. If you have no job. God says, "He will give you one! Work and earn a living so that you have food on your plate. He will provide cheap food shops to feed those who can not afford expensive food or clothing. World wide. South America, especially in Brasil. The people living in the streets, will have to live in basic cheap accommodation. To have a roof over their heads. The Jamaicans and their hurrican disasters will have their destroyed homes rebuilt. The Americans who live rough in the streets, or in hostels, because their homes have been repossesed will be taken off the streets, and have cheap basic accommodation built for them. MONEY MATTERS:

Huge bonuses will have to go. God said, "Why would people, who have been working hard all their life, when they retire they only get small amounts of money to live on, while someone else gets more, for doing what? mismanaging financeses?" God says, "Fat bonuses will have to go. Too much money is awarded to one person at one go. This sort of greed creates unnecessary poverty for other people. He says, "There are too many people dying from poverty. Even people living in what is called first, second, etc. economies. The richest countries, are in the habit of investing money in off shore investment deals, where money is lost or mismanaged. As soon as a country starts to get rich. They want to throw that money, into countries that are already rich, and forsake their poor. How can someone invest $5 billion dollars in a foreign country, in a speculative financial system. How long will it take for them to get profit of $100,000,000. Maybe six months? How long will it take them to get $5 billion back, plus a profit of $1 billion dollars. They could have invested half of that money, and wait ten years to grow, if they can get it back. You can wait for half invested money growth, while the other half, goes towards feeding the poor in your country. This is a warning to countries who invest too much money taken out of people, burdening them with finances. Creating unnecessry ill health. Some even end up committing suicide. Watch the way you manage your countries finances. This is a world wide situation. It applies to all countries experiencing money problems.


An interesting situation has just risen. Masses of people are here in the vision, world wide listening. Presidents, and Prime Ministers, and ex-Prime Ministers. There has been bank charges climb down. One bank has listened to some peoples' cries. Not one, but millions, of people who bank their money. The charges are too much, too stretchy. The regulators, have warned them banks. What have they done? Ignored the OFCOM warning. A report came out, not long ago, where it said, "Banks have made 6 billion pounds profit in bank charges. If you don't know anything about economics, you will be shocked at how money exchanges hands around the world. You will be run out of pockect before you know it. There is a saying, "The richer get richer and the poor get poorer." There are somethings going on, which are a burden to people. And people cry out to God, in a picturesque form. One can see a vision of how prayers, reach God. He sees the prayers in a picture. It is like evidence to Him. He has had too money such bad pictures. He says, "It is time to take action."

***NB: There has been a climb down in bank charges. Halifax bank will bring their charges for going over the draft limit of 28.00 to 18.00. The bank charge for a customer not having enough money to pay for transactions, going out on the same day. Will go down from 35.00 to 25.00 and customers, will be allowed to put money in the account, on the same day a transaction goes out, before 3.000 pm will not be charged the new 25.00 fee.

*A situation has risen. People were complaining about bank charges. Someone says furiously, "just cancel the lot!" But wait a minute. A Bank Manager, is pushing his way forward, in the vision. A youngman in a blue suit. A no nonses decision maker. He says, "He is a Bank Manager from another Halifax brunch. He will bring down the going over draft charge from 18.00 down to 8.00 and the charge for same day transction, for money not into the account to cover that will be from 25.00 down to 10.00.

* There is another person coming through the crowd, in the vision. He says, "He is from the HSBCO bank. The bank charges will also be 8.00 for going over the overdraft limit. The charge same day transaction of no money in the account will also be 10.00 - but the time to allow customers to put money in the account, before charges can apply will be 5.00 pm." Full stop he says, and walks off. Someone from gets up from their desk and says, that it. I am leaving. He is disgusted and furious. He says, They throw money here and there and there is not money, put into the bank workers pockets! He walks out of the door.

* The first bank manager at the Halifax has had a turn around. He says, "He will go with the charges of the of fellow bank manager, of 8.00 and 10.00 respectively. The bank staff have just walked out and gone on strike. They need more money. They want wage increase. There is too much money being pockected, and not enough going to the workers. They work hard, flat out. It is like working for nothing.

* This comfirms the vision seen earlier. It was being mentioned by God that, "The Bank wages should be increased to a minimum of 15.00" and an increase of 2% each year, for so many years and then stop. Have a cooling off period and start increasing the wages again by 2% and so on a nd so forth. He said, "The banks make a lot of money. They should pay good wages, for people working so hard for them. I was like the banks will have a fit!

*A question arose. Why would some banks charge, for poeple using a current account, when the others aren't? The charges keep going up and up. It's like there is no end to it. One person has walked out. He says, "No money for us!" He is being followed by the others. They say, "They are going on strike, until they get a fair deal of wages!"

The other banks have followed suit. The staff have gone on strike at Barclays bank. They are saying that's it. They want more money!

* Not long ago just before this bank charge war started. A big man came running sontering about. He tried to pass forward. But a bunch of strong opponents barred him from passing. They held a strong thick rope of three twists. As he tried to fight his way through. The opponents stuck their feet in a tug of war situation. He tried to act like the strongest man in the world, using man power. The opponents were rath to win. But he used his brain. He went under the rope, and dashed forward. He went into what looked like a bank. He said in a picturesque form. "The money is taken from here and there. From people and putting into the bank. And us the bank workers have nothing much left. Our pockets are empty. We have to struggle to pay our bills like everybody else. It has to stop!" And he walked off fuming.

*This is in a vision. It is like a preview of a situation to come, or things to come. We will see what happens when reality sets in.


* God says, "there are too many people dying untimely deaths. He says do not drink or smoke yourself to death. A youngman came in a vision. He was walking in London, going towards the Thames, puffing at his cigarret. Some where near the Dom. There was a gentleman like a stuward, showing people the right way to go somewhere. The smoker just ignored the man. He walked up the stairs, and went and stood by the river Thames. He said, "I have no money. I can't stop smoking. I'm in debt. It is not just smoking. I engage in a lot of chat up phone lines. I would be talking to a girl on the phone. I thought she was in the same country as me. But she was in another country. My phone bills piled up." He put his hand in his pockets. "See I have no money. I will kill myself. Just jump over and end it all." Then he looked down at the stuward, who still pointed to him to go that way. The smoker decided to go that way of the stuward. He walked into a massive Crusade thing going on. Ealier in the vision, God had been busy with help casting out spirits, that entice people to do things that are no good for them. That will only kill or ruin someone's life. One spirit was of heavy smoking! IT had to go!

*Later in the vision. Another man wearing dark clothes, walking the same way as the first one. He was also smoking. He walked up to the river Thames, and stood at the rails, and puffed at his cigarret a few times. He had also ignored the stuward, who had pointed him in the right direction. He was crying saying, "I have no money, no family. My parents live up north, they are too old to help me. I will just jump and end it all. He then remembered the youngman, who was going to do the same thing. He didn't jump. I won't jump either. I will go where he went and see what happened. Went in the stuward's way. The first youngman is just behind here and is saying. "I have stopped smoking. He has also stopped the phone ins. The other one in dark clothes has just come out of the crusade. Rejoicing, shaking his fists in the air. He goes on his knees. Having a good cry of relief.

*Another youngman in a vision, came along puffing at his cigarret, walking past a shop. He realises, he has run out of cigarrets. He went into a shop, bought a packet of cigarrets. He walked outside, he opened the packet, as he did so, he noticed a bad looking picture of warning, that this is what will happen to you if you keep on smoking. He didn't like the look of it. But anyhow, he ignored it. He took out one cigarret, lit it and walked off arrogantly smoking. He crossed the road, He started to cough, cough, cough. He walked a short distance. He collapsed to the ground. People thought he had a heartt attack. God pointed out, "it wasn't a heart attack. Not everybody who collapses. gasiping for breath, dies from a heart attack. This one was suffering from collapsed lung disease. His lungs had given way, because of heavy smoking. One uses lungs to breathe, once they are damaged that's it. One can easily die.*WARNING FROM HEAVY DRNKING:

Heavy drinking damages the liver. Once the liver is gone that's it. One can easily die. There was a report that too many people in Russia have a drink problem. They drink shots of whisky, each day. Later in a vision, after the spirit of smoking was cast out. The sprit of heavy drinking was also cast out. After that. One Russian gentleman, said in a vision that, "He had a dream, and in it God warned me to stop drinking heavily, as it was bad for me. He showed me the dangers of it." He has just come back in a vision, and says, "He has stopped, totally, completely stopped drinking."

*It was during the time some spirits were being cast out , as mentioned above. Later on some well known person stood in a vision. In her own country, The zchecslovakia, that, "They need some projects here. Then mentioned that. She saw in a dream, the huge gathering. Something was happening. She woke up the following day. She was healed of her problem. She will now become a believer and live alone for the Kingdom of God. She will help raise money for the Organisation. She will organise a huge Tennis competion here and there, and all over the world. Until she has done her bit. We won't mention names yet. But you can have a guess. She has just made a pledge. She will need to go to a crusade to get saved properly, like the others who have been advised by God, to so, in order to make the dream or vision become a reality. God says, "If anyone gets delivered of their most and worset problem. It is because some sipirits, that entice people to do things, not good for them or others have been cast out." It is in the Scripture, in the Gospel, where a group of people were too bad to live amongst other people, that they cast out of the city. They started to turn to one another. That's how the whole thing started. It has gone like fire throught the world. In so much so, it has entered hereditery system into some human beings. It is a huge problem. It is an abomination to God. One can stop it. Turn away from it.

**NB: There will be many other human issues, in the next part of the report. It will be updated from time to time. This part will now be published. The whole vision has now been transfered in dreams. You can at least dream and remember the dream, but a vision, you can not remember most thigs seen or said.WARNING ON HEAVY EXPENSIVE GAMBLING:

There are people who have managed to make a fourtune, one way or the other. Then what do they do. They gone and gambled it all. They have gone and spent all the money. Then they make themselves sick. They make their wives or children miserable. Go easy on gambling. It can be very unhealthy.


*This has to stop. It will have to be regulated. He has looked at the phone ins. They cost a fourtune. To phone some bird from UK to Australia or USA. talking for hours. They don't know when to stop. By the time the phone bill comes in. They look surprised. Angrily asking oneself, who made all these phone calls, me? Never! They land themselves in deep, deep, money problems. Get wise or wise up. Time yourself if possible. Get a stop watch!


* There will be English teaching projects set up in countries, that want English taught, to help in communication skills.

* In Saudi Arabia, a gentleman kept walking up and down. He is still doing that in the Middle East, holding a report in his hand. He was asked what he wanted. He said, "In Saudi Arabia, we have a lot of jobs, people don't want to come here, because they can not speak Arabic. We need to learn english, so that we can communicate with them. The Saudis will get such english teaching facilities. The Charitable Organisation will set up a project, to teach English abroad. To help improve language communications. There will also be such a project in Japan. They have a lot of business dealings to do, with in foreign countries. There will also be English teaching schools in Japan, to teach in their schools. This applies to China, Thailand, Singapore and the Philipines. Any country that wishes to take part in this english teaching project. Send in a report. It will be sorted out from there.

* An English lady has already gone there to start teaching english. She is a single mum. She was welcomed and given a good accommodation. We saw her waving in a vision. Four Engilsh girls, went to teach English in Japan. They were in a vision, they were snapped up. They were even met at the airport. And given good accommodation. The Japanese are constantly in the vision looking for Business deals. They have snapped so many,while other so called first world economies lie asleep. Wakey, wakey United Kingdom.

**NB: In a vision, God made His way to the Vatican. He had an audience with the Pope. He came out afterwards, holding the Pope's hand up. like a boxer who has just warn a boxing competition. The Pope was just rejoicing. He has been attending the vision regularly. He is very keen to read the report. He said, "When the report is publised. Use the white background, for the web page, so that they can read it better, than in the coloured background. He has seen the little advert that is in a blue background.

***NB: The next vision, God went to have an audience, with the leadership of Zimbabwe. We will see what the out come of that chat will be.

***NB: All these projects will be massive and global and dynamic!

* We will end here for now. This part of the report will be published on the Internent. A survey will be run to see how many people and how much, who visited the vision could remember some of the things said, without being reminded? There should be a price draw. The winner will be the one who remembers most! (Good joke)


**NB: There will be links on the Report web page for making pledges. Fund raising has to start, to prepare before hand to get some of these projects off the ground. Just click on the link.

**NB: There are three parts of this report. The first part on one page. About the Introduction. The second part. The Intent. The inttetion of it, why it has to be done in a vision. Heaven and earth are not compatible. God uses dreams and visions to convey a message to mankind. The next page will be. Projects.


*NB: You can get back to the previous web pages, by using the Back Button. on your web address line. This is already mentioned in the report.

**NB: For links where you have to register to use their web facilities. You will need an e-mail address. You can get one from Yahoo, by registering with them. give it a nick name, like: or your name like:

* After registering your email address, make a note of it with pass word, because you will be sent an e-mail of confirmation by Yahoo. They want you to click on that link to confirm, your are the person using that e-mail address. Give it a pass word and (ID, which is your identity. which will be your e-mail address) Later when you click on the link for Ipod of churches ministries and conferences. Whom one can watch and listen to them preach. You can now register with them, using your new or old e-mail address if you already have one. You may give another ID and another pass word. Once you start using your e-mail address. When you register anywhere on the web, for something. Keep handy or remember your original pass word, to get into your e-mail account , to check any e-mails you may have. Because you will be asked to confirm the e-mail you have used for opening an account with someone else on the Internent. If you have forgetten it. They ask if you forgot your ID or pass word. They will ask you to give your e-mail address for them, to send it to your e-mail address. Don't forget pass words and don't give them to someone else.



NB: A new addition to business section

The new addition to business:

* A group of three business men came in a vision from Italy. They had prepared a report to mass produce food products, to be sold in Cheap Charitable Organisation's shops to be set up in Italy.

* A group four men came in a vision handing in their report, at Hackney Community Centre in London. To mass produce various soft drinks, to be sold in the Charitable Organisation's cheap shops.

* A girl and her business partner were seen in a dream, having a bust up. They were bickering about something. I could see a long desk. They couldn't agree on something. A row broke out. There was one with a strong personality. Very controlling. But the soft one stuck her foot in. She said furiously, "I'm leaving ." The other one was taken by surprise. She dind't expect her to do that. She said, "You can't leave!" The other girl said, "I will." In a way like watch me. And she stormed off! When I got up. The opponent had shut my mind up! I couldn't remember the dream properly. Later on we were gathering information from Branch Offices, being set up around the world. I heard a soft voice quite nearby saying. "I have been standing here for a while now. I had a friend, whom I was running a dress designing business with. But we had a situation where we couldn't agree. So I left. I wanted to do something of my own, but because the Charitable Organisation wants people who can mass produce products. I decided to just work for someone, as a dress designer." A hand went up from the Company that, originally came in the vision, to mass produce clothes, to sell in the Charitable Organisation's cheap shops. A girl said, "She can come and work for us." She will join another girl who also came in the vision. Was offered the designing job by the same company. That's one success story.

* A rabit came from nowhere in the vision, and wanted to sit near by. I 'm not into animals, but this was going too far. Before I could figure out further what this was all about. A man came in a vision, in a field, full of jumping rabits. He said, "We are inundetated with a field full of rabits, reproducing in great numbers. We want to start a business to curl them for meat and have them sold in the cheap Charitable Organisation's shops." I asked, " What happens when you run out of rabits in that field?" He said, "We will move to the next field."

* We have set up about 30 Branch Offices, in the United Kingdom. We have started to set up Warehouses Distribution Centres, to store food and other products, to be sold in shops being set up. There is one in Leeds, with a Branch Office as well. One in Liverpool. A well known figure from there came in the vision, to show what will happen in a picture form. Siband from Brookside, got in a truck, and drove it outside into the street, and waved, miming, "It will go a long distance to distribute food and stuff to the Charitable shops!" With thumbs up. He drove off! There is another Warehouse in Solihull, and Nottingham, and London's East End.

*It wasn't long after these distribution centres were set up. We asked if there was anybody ready, both mass food producers and those to manage cheap Charitable shops. Which ones were ready to start business immediately. Those with properties and staff and need either funds, or need stock, for the shops. Reply came from Leeds, Boston, Leicester, London's East End. About thirty nine altogether came in a vision and said, "They were ready to start." Nearly five mass food producers came forward. Then later. Someone from Debnhams came in the vision and said, "They do produce some products, which the Charitable Organisation, can buy off them and sell cheaply in their shops." Question. "What will be the wholesale prices?" Answer. "No, we will sell them in bandles. Like a box full of stock. At one price, take the lot!" Good thinking. "I thought."

* Someone came wondering about in the vision. He said, "I want to do window cleaning for the Charitable Organisation's shops and their other business premises." Question. "Where about are you based?" fumbled about a bit, and said I handed in my report at Long Eaton Community Centre. He said, he can cover the nearby County as well, Derbyshire. We advised him, to do Nottingham one day, and then go and do Derby another day, to avoid stress. To work here and then travel to work there. He agreed. He will be a self Employed window Cleaner, for the Charitable Organisation. For the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire areas shops and their Branch Offices as well.

* There was a business idea that came up. There was a report from one of the African countries. Some Government officer said. "There was a concern in remote areas, or in villages, where people use firewood indoors, to either warm themselves in winter, or cook in doors when it is raining. When people are sitting around a log fire, which is letting out fumes. Which creates Carbon Monoxide. Them and their children inhale those fumes, which can cause Tuberclosis, or lung problems. It is like passive smoking. So, the idea to eliminate that is to create electricity around those villages in question. But electricity will not come easy for some of them. There can be hydro-electricity created. Also, to produce charcoal, which is the equivalent of coal, but less threaning.


We mentioned it. Two people came in a vision from Africa. They said, "They will produce charcoal and set up cheap Charitale Organisation shops, to sell charcoal cheaply in large and medium size sacks.

* Charcoal is produced by cutting logs of timber. Pile them up in quite large heaps, do as many as you can handle. Cover the heaps with mud and leave a small gap leading in the middle with a side door like. And there set fire for the logs to start burning slowly but surely, for at least three to four weeks. Check on it at the end of each week to see if more fire is needed to keep the logs burning. And when charcoal is ready. Dismantle the heaps, and start harvseting charcoal. Collect in sacks large and mediam. You could have three to four hundred sacks of large sacks and more for mediam size ones. While charcoal was being produced, which is called Lumberjacking. A cleaver person would have been out, looking for customers. Who have chimneys , which uses log fire. Most people used coal, but now the coal mine is out of business. Here is an immediate option. With Winter coming up. Some people go and buy charcoal cheaply. From someone who is a distributing it to people, who need it. Old people who can not cut logs anymore, will want charcoal delivered to their door step Put that in a charcoal container, under a chimney, and warm themselves without worrying about huge bills. Even other people can cut on winter bills, using charcoal fire. Where there is that foney electric fire like a decoration. Put real charcocl fire there in winter, and turn off one radiator in that room, not in use. The cold weather goes on until end of Spring in some cases. The charcoal fire will cheaply keep a house or your living room warm.

* Lumberjacks can produce charcoal in summer. When the weather is warm to go out in the woods or forest. Prepare charcoal and have a barberque, after piling up the logs. Have a break. Then cover up the logs and set fire to them. The day's work is done. Then go and look for customers. And stock up the charcoal ready for winter selling. Straight foward idea to pursue on a full time or part time basis. People can be seen in a vision wearing yellow protection jackets cutting logs, and clearing up where to pile the logs for burning.

* After this charcoal producing idea was announced earlier. A big business cashed in. The Boss of Virgin Air Line kept coming in the vision for quite a while. Waiting for more business ideas or tips. Like he is here right now. He jumped on the band wagon for charcoal production. He said, " I will do this business, employ lumberjacks." I was getting worried here about deforestration. He said, "I will buy land. When we cut some trees. We will plant new ones." I thought that is a good idea. After all some land owners grow Christmas trees every year. And they cut them and sell them each year. The ones that have grown tall, and have them set up and decorated in town centre, in some Cities. A tree can grow tall after a couple of years. You can count how old a tree is. When you cut the tree trunk off. You count the rings from inside out. If there are 200 rings, that's how old the tree is two hundred years old. Even older than an elephant, which has a life time span of 60 to 70 years. They can even out live some people!

* Not long ago after this. A Timber Merchant came in a vision and said, "We can sell the unwanted logs to lumberjacks if they want. The thing is any fallen tree in the forest, which has grown old or has run out of life. It falls to the ground. If you are a lamberjack and find a tree like lying about. That is charchoal waiting to be brought to life. Cut that dead tree up and pile it up, cover it up and set fire to it, not to the forest. You will have a good number of charcoal sacks, which will put money in your pocket!

People are right now being seen in a vision. Running about with excitment to make use of this business or job idea.

* Someone came in the vision, from the South Pacific. We had just set up an Enquiry Desk at Papau New Guinea. Men there were so happy. A few of them went out in the forest and started to cut up timber and doing lumberjacking. After a while in the vision. They sat down and said, "We dare anybody from near or from far to come and buy our charcoal. It's all ready" Those were their very words.

*Something came gate crashing me, uninvited like a huge whale. It got through and went past me. I thought what the heck is that thing going flying in the sky. It was a huge Cargo Airline. The Virgin Airline Boss has gone emotional. He has just walked out of the meeting, sorry, the vision. He has now taken this seriously. If he doesn't get that Cargo Plane, up and down. Someone else will. There are whispers of competition, which could force someone out of business. If they keep waisting time, and prices for Cargo Airline transportation can be forced down.

* There is something that came in a vision earlier today. Someone from Africa, two separate people, to be pricise. They both want to set up a printing business. One had prepared a report, and handed it in at their Branch Office. The other one had prepapred his. But he hadn't handedhis in yet. His wife came in the vision, to try to make move faster. She spoke on his behalf. Later he came in himself and talked about the printing business. I said, "Someone else is doing the same project within the family." He said, "I have more experience than him." He had been prinitng for years. But his property caught fire and he never found the money to restart the business. Here is an opportunity, in the similar situation. The Charitable Organisation is at your door step. Grab the chance and read the report to either help look after other people by pledging some funds, or get yourself out of financial misery and do something. Some of these people, who have been coming in the vision for weeks and months now. Have now or are benefiting from the idea of it.

* Now this printing project that, came up. We heard whispers of someone saying. "Two well known celebrity Chefs, went to Africa. They landed at an Air Port with two separate bundles of Printing machines. They were making a delivery. But there was nobody there. The machines were that light, they just lift them up. The two Chefs said, "They looked out of place. They decided to leave. Picked up the little light weight machines and left. Then, the two printers, had heard a message that they had a delivery of their printers at the Airport. They came running. Lapping about, got to the Air Port. Looked around all empty. Then they later found out that, they had been dream. It was all a dream of things to happen. That Cargo Plane must take off!


A mass producing food Firm in Leeds, wants to sell the food in large containers, not as individual products. But in large quantities. Fixed price per each large box. Just buy the lot at one price and go and stock up the their Charitable Organisation's cheap shops. This can now be explained as follows: If a company packages half a dozen bottles of soft drinks and puts a price of say, 2.99 per pack. Then the Charitable Organisation, instead of buying per bottle of drink. They will be offered to buy in packages of half  or a dozen. If they want ten unit prices of half a dozen bottles of drinks. That will be 2.99 multiply by ten half dozen units. Which comes to 29.99. The ten packages are placed in a large box and the unit price for all the product will be 29.99 per box of ten packages of drinks.

* A Japanese firm by the name of Nakasaki, came in the vision. They wanted to know about the Web Site for the Published Report. We told them, we tried to look for an e-mail at your Web Site, but it was in Japanese to us. Anyway we gave them the Web Site address, where the Report has been published. After they read it, they said, "There were two projects they liked. They might in the near future, take up the projects, and fund them themselves. Then have the products sold to the Charitable Organisation in large quanties per box. Like the Firm in Leeds and Debhnam's will do. Thanks very much!

* Competition will soon hit up between British Broadcasters. They are trying to follow up the activities of the Charitable Organisation of setting up Branch Offices, and food or product Distribution Centres world Wide. They have left it too late. Saudi Arabia broadcast and enter on their Web Site where each result comes from for setting the Branch Offices. So United Kingdom has 30 Branches, and five food or product warehouse distribution centres. Fully staffed and just waiting. London's West End have a property ready, and someone just now in a vision got into a track, saying, "I'm going up North to Leeds to fetch a huge order, of food products, to stock them up in oure Warehouse, to distribut them to the Charitable Oeganisation's cheap shops, up and down the country!" And thumbs up. He smiles and drives the truck away!

*The next thing we will be doing is to open warehouses around the world.

There are Branches, in Alaska and Hawii will have Inquiry Desk and will cordinate with the Alaskan Branch Office. We have just heard that Hawii, will  shortly open a huge mass food production factory. Everything you can think of, in terms of food. And also a cheap toiletories and household goods, and five bread making companies. Also five large farms, which will use tractors. To farm potatoes, vegetables, fruit, etc.



NB: A new addition to business section:

* I was talking to someone at Edinburgh branch office. When someone was at the door. When asked who it was. The answer was, "There is a Police Officer at the door." He says, "There is a complaint. There is too much talking going on. Some people don't want to hear anything, because they are not interested!" I asked the people who had complained. If they knew anything about the new Charity that was being set up to help everybody, one way or the other?" They said, "No." I told them about it, and what was involved. They took down the website address.

* Half an hour later someone's voice came over and said, "Vodka" I was thinking, "We don't want any drink." Anyway, the lady said, "We are a Scotish based company. We produce Scotch Whisky. The market for it is bad for us. We will change to making soft drinks, to be sold in the Charitable Organisation's shops.

* An hour later. A gentleman's voice came over and said. "We make ceramics. The market is very poor. We want to change a product and start making mass food

production, for the Charitable Organisation to be sold in their shops. They are based in Evashamu, near Solihull, which has a branch office and a shop and a food distribution centre Warehouse, West Midlands, in United Kingdom.

* More businesses came over. One Tobaco company wanted to change their product and start mass producing food, for the Charitable Organisation.

* One Company a voice came over saying, "congnaic" I was thinking what is that about? A lady's voice said, We make vodka, We want to change to making soft drinks. Such as orange juice drinks, to be sold in the Charitable Organisation's shops. These companies changing over, keep the factories and their work force, but only change the product.

* Someone's voice came through and said, "Caviar"

What is that? I was told, they wanted to provide tinned food, like fish. That was that only.

* Someone from Evashamu said, They are farmers, they grow walnuts. I asked, "Do walnuts grow in the ground?" I was told, "Yes, but chestnuts grow on large trees." They said, "They will be providing the walnuts to the Charitable's shops.

* Another voice came over and said, "They grow avocado, (a green crop for making sandwiches). They would like to sell them to the Charitable's shops.

* Another one came over and said, "We grow passion fruit, (it has between a dark brown and purple colour look). It is good for making drinks. Mix it with other tropical fruits. They will sell the fruit to the Charitable's shops.

* Another farm from the south of England. Someone is waving saying, "Come and collect the fruit it is ready for harvesting now." It is Grapefruit. They want to sell it in the Charitable's shops. I haven't seen that grapefruit, in shops for a number of years now. It is mainly made in the form of a grapefruit juice drink, as opposed to orange juice.

* A group of News readers for Central Television, West Midlands, came over and wanted to be sent e-mail about the published report. They vowed to mention the Web Site, for people to read the report. A few days later, someone from Wolverhampton said, We want a Branch Office here. After that was set up. A farm growing mushrooms from that area came over. They wanted to sell their mushrooms to the Charitable's shops, all year round. Another voice came over. It was in Nuneaton, they wanted an Enquiry Desk there. Someone is showing the height of reports already, that high. Just imagine the height.

*The Television news readers involved there have made up a chart, to show the Branch Offices in their area, including Birmingham, which also has a huge food distribution centre Warehouse. The Companies and shops now trading there. A large Japanese company, Watanabe, have moved in the area to mass produce food. Providing jobs.

*The youngmen who wanted to run a meat factory, have set up a factory there, in Birmingham. Helping start up two butcharies there. They have also set up another very large meat factory, in London. So far meat is selling fast in the Charitable Organisation's shops. They will be seting up Branch meat Factories all over the world.

* Double 07. James Bond, came through and wanted to start up a project, with a group of friends. They have been approved and will start soon in Edinburgh, Scotland. They will fund the business themselves, to produce products to be sold in the Charitable's shops.

* I heard a voice say, a few days ago, "Superghet" I was thinking what is that about. It was Italy of course. A youngman said, "We want to mass produce food to be sold in the Charitable Organisation's shops set up in Italy.

* Later another youngman's voice came over, still from Italy. He said, "Marko" I said, "Who? Marko Polo?" He said, "No. Just Marko from Naples. He wanted to set up a factory to mass produce food, including pasta, of all sorts and shapes. For the Charitable Organisation to distribute in their shops. All over the world.

* History has it that. An Italian Marko Polo, trekked his way to China to discover what sort of people lived there. He had an assistant he travelled with. They were nearing China, when he was so tired after travelling such a long distance, that his assistant had to sometimes carry him on his back. Any way, when they eventually got to China, they found out what sort of food, the Chinese people ate. They saw a lot of various spices, which when they left China. They brought some of those spices to Europe with them. Hence, Marko Polo discovered China and it's spices. All the stir fries, which they make sweet and sour chicken. Some people are going to start up factories to mass produce, tinned mince meat, steawed beef, and sweet and sour chicken, with tinned suphagetie of thick chanks to fill up one's stomach.

* JUst on passing testimonials about all this. Some people have been heard saying, "They now have enough food to eat. They have never been so full up for many years. They even have left overs. If they had a cat, they would give that to it."

* The youngwoman, one of the originals, who wanted to do chicken farming, came through, wanting incubators. Second hand or new. I asked, "What for?" She said, "To incubate eggs to make them hatch into little chicks. To make the chickens start reproduction. It didn't take long, when a voice said, "I have the chicken incubators I wanted both old and new. A few weeks later. The same voice came over and said, "I have started to produce chickens. Some are ready for selling.

* The new meat factory company snatched up the opportunity, to buy chickens from her farm, to package that along side the meat and later sauges, some of which will be marinaded with spicey herbs, to create a good taste for customers. They will then distribute the packaged products to the Charitable's shops.

* She and a group of people, has set up the chicken farm. They will also sell the eggs to the Charitable's shops. She has just run off, saying time is the essence. She has to go, she has a business to run, to help feed the world.

* It wasnt' too long when something came crushing through my forehead, tried to divide that in two. I thought I was going to have a spliting headache. Then a nose came through, fighting hard. When the nose showed up, it was a pig's nose. I thought what the heck! I turned round. Thank goodness it was in a dream. I saw two pig farmers. The original ones, who had followed the Helicopter land surveyor. They had stopped him to have a word about farming. They came to tell me in a very dramatic way that, they had got their project and they will be pig farming. So, expect some very good chanks of pork chops, to be sold cheaply in the Charitable Organisation's shops.

* A lady and her group who wanted to do potato farming, and another lady and her group, who wanted to do mass vegetable farming. Have all got their projects approved and will start farming.

*Another lady and her husband who wanted to do cow production, have theirs approved and have already been snatched up by the Meat Factory lads, to package their beef. To distribute that in the Charitable's shops.

* Just news that came in the other day. A long trailer came throught the spectators who gather around to listen to this. What was that trailer about? We were told, it was to carry farming tractors to be hired out cheaply, to farmers who need to use that. "The Farming equipment hiring, will be run by the Charitable Organisation. But will be managed by the three of us." One pointed out. "I am the manager and have an assistant and the general helper. We will take the tractors to farms, and fetch them back after use. They bowed their heads and left, after bringing that good news. The farmers are in tears of joy.

* There is a lot of projects set up. They will be mentioned later. There are some messages coming from around the world.

* A voice came in saying, "KGB" I'm like now I have heard it all. They are laughing, the people who said this." What is it? Are we spying now or what?" They said, "This is, "Moscow" We need some food. The whole of Russia, where Branch Offices and Enquiry Desks have been set up.

* Another vision came in, a heard of what looked like wild animals, were being looked after, by some youngman. He had a swinging rope like stick, to heard the animals here and there. Massive heard of animals. I was thinking that looks like hard work. When he got to near where I was, he said, "I'am in Saiberia, We have have a lot of wild veal. It is meat, which tastes like a deer or impala meat, even like wild buffalos. That's good meat that. "I fear the buffalos will become extinct." The young Russian said, "We want to start up a project to produce veal meat, to be sold in the Charitable Organisation's shops, around Russia and anywhere in the world. Taste some of the Saiberian delicatisen.

* I was there sat minding my own business, when an elephant came walking towards me. I was thinking, "Is it gonna stop or go past me and crush me?" Then luckily enough. The breaks were put on an elephant. It came to a stand still. I looked up, and saw a youngman who was riding it, all the way from his village in India. He climbed down off it. He was only about seventeen years old. He was just about to open his mouth to speak, when the interpreter tried to step in. He said, "I don't need that." He carried on to say, "I have come from a village. A lot of people there want to do a farming or crop growing project, on a large or small scale. They want to know if the rumours of terms and conditions are right. To take on a crop growing project, and be paid a wage every month for twelve months. Then after that we start earning our living from what are growing and sell that to the Charitable Organisation. Is that right?" I said, "Yes, that is right." He said, "That's all I came to ask." And he left. My mind was going my goodness me whatever next?

* It didn't take long. This time it was in a dream. Quite a large number of them elephants, came running about. A group of youngmen were riding them. Swinging sticks about, like they were playing polo. Only that, they were hitting their sticks on water, instead of grass or ground. I was thinking that is polo playing with a difference.

The elephants nearly crush landed around me. One of the youngmen riding the elephant said, in a like fear not manner. He didn't come off the elephant. He said, We want clean water where we are, in our villages in India. We need Wells dug up to draw water from. I was like, "I say!" A British group of Well diggers, said, "They will go and dig the Wells, including Senegal, where there is a branch office. They wanted two Wells, dug up in their villages.

As a result of all this elephant riding drama. Two Branch Offices were formed in Punjab and Kashimir, and in Calcutta. Someone called out from there to have a Branch Office. I have just been told that, "The two first branches have already got two factories running. Each mass producing food and cheap toiletories and house hold goods.

* From France you hear a voice, "Merci beacou" Someone said, "This is Paris, we have run out of food stuff. We need some more food." In some countries where shop properties are not ready, they are using, stalls, to sell food from. They sell out that first. You will learn in the next update. How the real opponance is going on. People will storm out of the shop and storm back in again.

* Another one said, "Anglotaire." It was from either Marsellie, or Granoble, or from Province. They are doing well , but they do run out of food like everybody else around the world, where branch offices have been set up with the Charitable's shops.

* A hand went up from somewhere. It was a lady saying, "We need an Enquiry desk in Monaco." There is already two people there who came forward to set up an Enquiry Desk.


*Companies at home and abroad are cashing in on this opportunity, for the benefit of others and themselves. Just a list of some of them who have come forward:

* Ranault. French car makers, will come to set up a factory in Northamptonshire, to create jobs, to make car parts, etc. There is a branch office there.

* There is also Fujiyama, a Japanese company. They are coming to set up a factory in Bournemouth, to make camera parts and films. To also sell in the Charitable Organisation shops. There is already a branch office there and one cheap nursery school set up there. There are two more cheap nursery schools set up, one in Plymouth, which has a branch office and another one in West Sussex. There is an Enquiry Desk there as well as in Easet Sussex, which will open a Youth Hostel, for travelling young people. Also another hostel set up in London's South East End. A lady is saying, "A huge place with huge kitchen, with three meals a day. Cheaply served breakfast, lunch and evening meal dinner. Another one is being refurbished in North London. To curter for the travellers in the same way.

* Ashimoto. A Japanese company will start mass food production in Japan for World wide distribution to Charitable Organisation shops.

* Yamaha. A Japanese company, will produce other goods to be sold world wide in the Charitable Organisation shops, at cheaper prices.

* Yorashimo. Another huge Japanese company, will come to set up mass food production, in Oxford, which has a branch office. A lady in a vision called out to have a branch office there. She said, *There are no jobs there, especially, in the Abingdon area." A lady who got cured from Euthenisia, while attending the vision. Now has a job there. She is working in a Charitable Organisation shop.

* Toyota. The Japanese car makers, will set up a factory in Northmberland. To create jobs for British people, to make car parts. There is already a Branch Office there.





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